Welcome to Strouds Creek Farm. I am delighted to share the story of how I started this farm and how it has grown and transformed over the years. Originally from New York, I moved to Hillsborough, North Carolina to give my family a different life experience. For many years I dreamed of owning a farm and horses and in the summer of 2007 it became a reality. Horse boarding was a natural way to begin offering services to the Hillsborough community since I had the space and love for horses. 

Throughout the years my clients inquired about services such as summer camp, birthday parties, horse riding lessons and horse boarding. They saw the beauty and tranquility of Strouds Creek Farm and wanted to extend this experience to their children, friends, and family. 

I have called Strouds Creek Farm my home for almost 16 years. Living here with my 3 daughters, we all work hard to deliver the highest care and quality to all parts of Strouds Creek Farm.  My daughters have grown up here and have experienced a wonderful life of playing in the nearby creek, caring for the farm animals, and enjoying the beauty of the pastures and rolling hills. 
I am very grateful for this life experience and so happy to be able to share it with you. I hope when you visit, the farm gives you as much joy as it gives me. 

Peace, Love & Happiness, 

    Anne Marie