Care and Growth of Strouds Creek Farm

​​I was recently interviewed by 3 Bossy Bees for a blog series they are doing on woman-owned businesses. It gave me a moment to reflect on how many years I've worked for myself. When you are in the middle of running your own business, it can be hard to see the journey from someone else’s perspective.

Kim Cada's curiosity about my perseverance and fearlessness about making a living on my own reminded me of a few things. I love what I do. It was always a dream of mine to own a horse and live on a farm. When I first moved to Hillsborough, it wasn't on the horizon that Strouds Creek Farm would be the business I would take on, but life events made it possible. My enjoyment for running a farm never wears out. My 12-plus hour days can be exhausting. I need a getaway every so often, but each morning I delight in greeting the horses, chickens, pig, and all the other animals that have a home here.

I was also reminded that I have a lot of faith in what I do. There is purpose to what I offer and I do it with care and skill. There are overwhelming times when running a business, but I do it with goal of adding value to the community. I moved to Hillsborough with the intention of giving my family a life experience that people only read about. Being able to give this same experience to children through summer camp, birthday parties, or after school care is something I enjoy.

​​I am fueled each day when seeing a child's joy as they swing on a tire swing or hearing their gasp and aw when holding a bunny for the first time. Building on the services of Strouds Creek Farm allows me to shift with the needs and wants of the Hillsborough community. I customize my offerings as a small business and listen to what parents need and report back on what the children enjoy.

To read the whole interview please go to the 3 Bossy Bees interview: Woman-Owned Business: Strouds Creek Farm and you will get a little more insight into my background and how I have transformed this farm over the years. As the summer winds down and all local schools will be back in session, I'll work with families on after-school care and keep my drop-in childcare open. Strouds Creek Farm will gear up for the 2nd annual Chestnut Festival that takes place at the end of October.

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