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  • Can we arrive early to set up?
    Yes, but please do not arrive more than 20 minutes before the start of your party
  • Do you still have parties even if it rains?
    Yes, parties take place rain or shine. All planned activities will take place regardless of the weather.
  • Do you have space inside in case of rain?
    Yes I have a barn with a large area set up to accommodate your guests as well as food and drinks.
  • Do you have tables available for use?
    Yes I have 3 large picnic tables outside. I also have 2 large picnic tables inside for use in the event of inclement weather.
  • Can we have food delivered to the farm?
  • Can we bring alcohol for adult guests?
  • At what age is a child considered a participant?
    Any child able to walk around the farm will be considered a participant.
  • Can we bring balloons and decorations?
    Yes. You must remove all decorations and balloons at the end of your party.
  • Do all the children at the party get to ride a horse?
  • How do I pay the balance that I owe?
    Your balance is to be paid on the day of your party. I accept CASH, Check, PayPal, Credit or Debit Cards or Zelle as forms of payment.
  • Do you have a swimming pool?
    Yes. It is an 18’ round above ground pool.
  • How deep is the water in the pool?
    It's a 4.5 feet deep.
  • Should I send my child/children with a swim aid?
    Any child that can not touch the bottom of the 4.5 foot depth should be sent to camp with a swim aid.
  • Is there always supervision during swim time?
    Yes. One of the camp counselors is actually in the pool with the children for the duration of swim time.
  • Do you still have camp if it is raining?
    Yes. We have plenty of activities to do even if it rains…we have been known to play outside in the rain!
  • Do I need to provide lunch for my child/children?
    Yes and 2 snacks.
  • Can I come to pick up my child/children earlier than when camp officially ends?
  • If I pick up my child early will I be prorated a refund?
  • Do the children get to ride horses?
    Yes. The children get to ride horses twice a week.
  • Do the children get to interact with the farm animals?
    Yes. There are interactions with the animals throughout the day.
  • How many counselors do you have during the camp week?
    I have 1 counselor and 1 Jr. counselor every week.
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