The summer camp program at Strouds Creek Farm is designed to offer a unique summer experience for  your child. Summer camp is intentionally limited to a maximum of 15 children. This group size allows children  to develop friendships and enjoy calm and joyous days on the farm.

 Our program is a down-to-earth opportunity for a nature-based experience. The time spent at Strouds Creek  Farm is child-centered and focuses on a routine of activities, but is not an inflexible, super scheduled day.  We calmly approach the day that allows for flexibility and follows the child's interest. 


 Days will include elements of the following:


 ~Basic farm chores, such as giving water and feed to the animals, collecting chicken eggs, playing with the      rabbits, goats & chickens

 ~Interactions with animals (grooming, petting, bathing)

 ~Horse rides

 ~Creek stomping and forest exploration

 ~Free play on structures, tire swing, bungee swing, and zip line

 ~Games (sack races, hide & seek, kick the can, dodgeball)

 ~Plasma cars

 ~Swimming pool time

 Please Note 

 Due to COVID-19 precautions, we require campers to bring their own snacks and lunches. Fees have  increased due to additional supplies we provide, such as hand sanitizer and disposable masks.  While campers should bring their own masks, there are instances where masks get wet or dirty and  an alternative needs to be given. 

 Age Range 

 4 years old - 12 years old

 Full Day

 8:30 AM Drop Off, 4:30 PM Pick Up

 Half Day**

 8:30 AM Drop Off, 12:30 PM Pick Up


 12:30 PM Drop Off, 4:30 PM Pick Up


 **(see below for half-day coupon code)

 Early Drop Off & Aftercare

 Early drop off begins at 8:00 AM ($30/week)

 Aftercare runs from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM ($55/week)

 Early drop off and aftercare ($85/week)

 You have the option to register for drop off, aftercare, or both. Please select the Monday of the week that you  will be registering.

 Coupon Codes

 We are offering three (3) different coupons that can be used for your booking.

 Only one coupon can be applied, please determine which coupon best meets your needs.

 This year our booking system allows registration for up to three (3) children at one time.

 You will still need to pay for one week at a time, as the system does not allow for a "shopping cart" of  bookings.


 Additionally if you are registering for multiple weeks please pay full price for the first week and then  apply the discount code for any consecutive weeks. 


  • Register for multiple weeks and receive $25 off your booking: multiple2021 

  • Register siblings and receive 5% off your booking: sibling2021

  • Register for half-day camp: halfday2021



 Thank you so much and I am looking forward to a summer filled with farm day FUN!